Xyzal Journey

A journey of growth and accessibility for Xyzal, providing effective relief for all.

Our Cause

Striving for allergy-free lives, Xyzal was designed to be taken at night to provide allergy relief during sleep, so you wake up refreshed for a productive next day, enabling a life without sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose.

Every Year

A young woman sufering from pet allergy at home.

Over 64 million Americans suffer from allergies, 10% are children.*

A man is lying in bed with his hands in his head, like he's suffering from headache.

Nearly 50% of allergy sufferers experience sleep deprivation.*

A young, calm, fit, healthy woman is sitting on foor at home doing a yoga class on her laptop.

Xyzal understands the importance of restful sleep to enable a productive next day.


*Sanofi CHC, Allergy RGM Consumer Survey, 2023.