Your child may have allergic rhinitis and if she or he has experienced one or more of the symptoms:


Itchy nose and/or throat

Itching is noticeable- child gives 'allergic salute' (wiping nose upwards)

Clear, runny nose

Mouth breathing which may be a sign of nasal congestion*

Unfortunately, a child’s allergies can’t be cured, but you can give them kids allergy medicine to relieve the symptoms

Children’s Allergy Medicine: The Basics

Similar to adults with allergies, when your kid is exposed to specific allergens, their body fights off the foreign substance by releasing histamine. Histamine can cause sneezing, runny itchy congested nose and watery eyes.*

Children who experience symptoms of allergic rhinitis could benefit from the use of newer second-generation oral antihistamines, which are less sedating.

Allergy medicine for kids comes in a variety of solutions. While some require a dose three to four times a day, Children’s Xyzal® is long-lasting and as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour 1.

Depending on the children’s allergy medicine you choose, there may be side effects such as drowsiness. So, if your child is prone to seasonal allergies, consult with your child’s doctor about the different options of kids’ allergy medicine and which is the best fit for your little one.

If your child has perennial allergies, you can relieve their allergy symptoms with kids’ allergy medicine. The active ingredient in Children’s Xyzal® (taken at night) lasts for 24 hours, so your child can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

If your child has seasonal allergies, such as being sensitive to pollen, there are preventive measures you can take to help ease the chances of allergy symptoms. Regular cleaning, checking the daily pollen count, showering after being outdoors, keeping windows/doorways shut, installing an air filter, and removing your shoes before entering your home are all helpful tips to lessen the flow of pollen indoors. Keep reading for more tips on avoiding allergy triggers.

What is the Right Allergy Medicine for Your Kid?

When a child starts having itchy, watery eyes and sneezing fits when they’re playing outside, this is a sign they may need kids’ allergy medicine. Children’s Xyzal® can be purchased over the counter and is suitable for children ages two and up.

Children’s Xyzal® is the latest in powerful allergy relief that is as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour one. Our formula is designed to be taken at night to relieve symptoms while your kids sleep, so they can wake up refreshed and ready for a productive day ahead. That way, your child gets the relief they need without having to take multiple doses throughout the day.

If your child begins to have itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing that get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest, Children’s Xyzal® can help. It relieves allergy symptoms while they sleep, so they wake up to a full day of allergy relief.

Allergy Medicine for Children 2+ years: Which Can I Use for My Kid?

Allergies can start at any age. If your child comes to you with itchy eyes and a runny nose, they may already be affected by seasonal allergies.

The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen that triggers it. But it isn’t easy to keep a young child inside all day. Thankfully, you can give antihistamines to your little one so they can freely run around the park without an itchy throat due to grass pollen.

You can find several different types of allergy medicine for children 2 yrs. and above that can reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. But, keep in mind, before beginning any medicinal course for your child, you should speak to your child’s pediatrician first. They, or a pediatric allergist, can perform an allergy test to see if your child is sensitive to any of the more common allergens. If your child has allergies, Children’s Xyzal® can provide 24-hour continuous relief when used as directed.

Tips for Avoiding Allergy Triggers

To avoid symptoms in the first place, there are steps you can take that reduce the exposure your child has to allergens.

The first thing you want to do is create a shower routine. When a child runs around outside, they’re collecting pollen everywhere, even trapping some in their hair. With a thorough rinse, you can ensure they aren’t tracking pollen into their beds, causing them to wake up with swollen eyes.

This routine should include everyone in the household since kids aren’t the only ones bringing allergens into the home. It would also help if you made it a policy that everyone removes their shoes at the door to avoid unnecessary exposure to pollen.

*Children’s Xyzal® is not indicated for this symptom.
Xyzal®Among OTC branded antihistamines.

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